Yudu-Compatible Screen 15" x 19" 110 Mesh


Type: Screens

110 Mesh is what comes standard with the Yudu Screen Printing kit. It is good for medium detail images where the fonts are larger and the lines are not too thin. Also good for use with lighter colored inks that may need more coverage.

Can't find Yudu™ screens? We've got you covered! These Yudu™ Compatible Screen Printing screens by Merchmakr come in a variety of mesh counts for more control and better results. Our screens are manufactured out of a single piece of steel for much higher durability, and our screen mesh is stretched much tighter to allow for better detail and sharper prints. 

Outer Dimensions: 15" Wide x 19" Tall
Inner Dimension: 12" Wide x 16" Tall
Squeegee Size: Up to 11"

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