Yudu Screen 220 Mesh


Type: Yudu

Provocraft Yudu 220 Mesh Screen Printing Screen


  • 220 Mesh
  • Mesh Color: White
  • 11" x 14" mesh area (inside dimensions)
  • Aluminum Frame

Feature benefits

  • 220 mesh count is excellent for prints with higher detail, smaller fonts, and thinner lines. It is not a good choice for inks that are thicker or for high opacity prints. It's also not suited for Yudu Metallic inks.
  • The 11" x 14" screen mesh area can accommodate images up to 10 inches wide.

Special Screen Care Tips:

  • Use only inks designed for screen printing in your screens
  • Never let emulsion remover dry in your screen
  • Do not let waterbased or air-dry inks dry in your screen

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