Screen Printing Starter Package 3

DIY Screen Printing Supplies, Inc.

Type: Starter Kit

Everything you need to Go Multi-Color!

except the wood and the Tee Shirts...

Build the 3-color press, take the Crash Course in Screen Printing, and Turn your Fans into Fan-addicts!

This package includes the know-how to get it done, the 3-Color EZ Press building tutorial, a set-up the press mini-course, and all the supplies you need to do your project.


All you need is to get the T-shirts and less than $60 in supplies from the Hardware store, and you could have a T-shirt Lollapalooza!

The Starter Kit 3 includes:

  • Crash Course in Screen Printing (download). This Screen Printing Walkthrough takes you every step of the way through your project with detailed instructions and Videos.
  • 3-Color EZ Press Build Tutorial (download). Build the 3-color EZ Press with these detailed instructions and Video. It also includes a Set-up the Press mini-course.
  • Screen Printer's Hinge Clamps (3 sets) for building the 3-Color EZ Press.
  • Plastisol Ink x 5 pints 1 pint 7014 White (especially good for printing dark fabrics), 1 pint 716 Black, 1 pint Scarlet Red (also good for dark fabrics), 1 pint Lemon Yellow, 1 pint Royal Blue.
  • 3 Screens: 20 x 24 Aluminum 155 mesh
  • 3 Squeegees: 12" 70 durometer
  • 1 qt DIY Dual-Cure Emulsion + diazo sensitizer
  • 1 16" scoop coater: for coating your screens with emulsion.
  • 1 pack 10 Transparencies 11" x 17": Waterproof Inkjet.
  • 1 roll 3" Masking Tape
  • 1 Can Spray Adhesive
  • 1 qt Press Wash for cleaning up the plastisol when you're done.
  • 1 4 oz Bottle of Emulsion Remover Concentrate: enough to mix a full gallon.
  • 1 Heat Gun: for drying the ink you print.

The Crash Course in Screen Printing and the 3-Color EZ Press Build Tutorial are immediately available for download as soon as you buy! No waiting for the postman. Just dive right in and get started.

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