Screen 110 Mesh 20" x 24" Aluminum

DIY Screen Printing Supplies, Inc.

Type: Screens

Professional Grade Screen Printing Screen


  • 110 Mesh
  • Mesh Color: White
  • 20" x 24" frame (outer dimensions)
  • Aluminum Frame


Feature benefits

  • 110 mesh count is excellent for prints with plastisol inks that are thicker for higher opacity. It's easier to pull white and light colored inks through. 110 mesh is not a good selection for designs with high detail, small fonts, or thin lines.
  • The 20" x 24" screen frame works well for the DIY EZ Press and most other manual presses as well. It is tall enough to accommodate most full size imprints, and in many cases, can also hold a breast logo as well.
  • Aluminum frames eliminate some problems that can occur with wood frames like warping. While the aluminum is a little more expensive, unless you are buying a lot of frames the cost difference is not that much.
Great for printing plastisol inks and some waterbased inks.

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