Saatichem Remove HR6 Degreaser & Ghost Remover 1 quart


Saatichem Remove HR6 Degreaser & Dehazer 1 quart


  • Degreases screens.
  • Removes Ghost images from screens.
  • Pink Paste form.
  • Size: 1 qt.

Feature Benefits:

  • Takes oils and dirt of screens for better adhesion of emulsion and capillary films. Keeps stencils from breaking down as fast.
  • Remove HR6 de-greaser and haze remover is a non-caustic, non-corrosive paste that removes fresh stains caused through screen use. It keeps shadow images caused by previous printing from impacting new graphics.
  • Makes life a lot easier.

Special Instructions:

  • After emulsion has been removed, or before coating a screen with emulsion for the first time, put a little Remove HR6 degreaser and dehazer paste on a scrubby and work it into both sides of the image area. Using pressurized water, spray the mesh on both sides to remove oils and ghost images.
  • Works best on fresh stains.

Does not Harm Yudu Screens.

For an even better experience, check out DIY Pink Power!

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