ICC 741 HP LB Poly White Plastisol Ink

International Coatings Corporation



  • White ink for printing on 50/50 and 100% polyester fabrics.
  • High Pigment
  • Non-Phthalate
  • Low Ink Build-up
  • Excellent Opacity


  • Blocks dye-migration problems on polyester fabrics.
  • High Pigment inks add limited bleed resistance, cutting down on dye migration.
  • Contains no phalates, exceeding US regulatory standards.
  • International Coatings 700 Series inks are designed to cut down on ink build-up on the backs of screens.
  • Additional opacity for masking the color of dark fabrics.

Special Instructions

  • Use with 60 - 110 mesh screens
  • Use off-contact to improve results.
  • When flash drying an underbase, only dry to the touch. Do not over-flash inks. Totally fusing the underprint may cause the top coat to have adhesion problems.

Always test, Because dye-migration can occur up to 72 hours after printing, always be sure your ink and process are correct.

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